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Art Shady

for Mayor in 2022

About me

I was in tax preparation for 35 years. While in college I built a practice in Chattanooga of over 200 individual and business clients.

I’ve bee a comptroller and HR director for a 5 million dollar construction company and an Assistant Branch Manager for a bank. I taught at Roane State Community College and have spent most of my life in some form of management. I feel well qualified for this office.

I live in the Riddleton community with my wife Sandra and we have seven children and three grandchildren so far. Formerly from the Nashville and Baxter areas we have lived in Smith County the last for five years and intend it to be our home. I would appreciate your vote for Mayor of Smith County and I promise to do the best job I can for the privilage. As Mayor I will maintain an open door policy and strive to be as transparent as possible. It will be my primary goal to restore fiscal responsibility to the office of Mayor. You may contact me at or my cell phone at 615-486-9308.

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Why I am running for Mayor

In my opinion the current administration has not been honest with the county’s fund or citizenry. The sitting mayor miscalculated revenue and got the county a million dollars in the hole. Then in an effort to cover up blamed the former mayor, but the former mayor always balanced his budget. He didn’t make wild projections based on assumptions. Rather than having the integrity to admit his incompetance and not being willing to sell property owned by the county instead the sitting mayor raised property taxes a whopping 28% to bail him out for his one million dollar shortage. In other words he spent more than he had to spend and put the burden on the backs of the people of this county instead of finding other methods once the cat was out of the bag. For months they didn’t even tell the people what they had done. Recently the current administration voted to lower the property taxes in hopes they could get re-elected, but not down to where it was before the fiasco. The people of this county deserve better management from the mayor’s office. They deserve a mayor that is able to be a better steward with their money, one that will be transparent, and one that is honest. That’s why I hope you will consider giving me your vote for Smith County Mayor.




Thank you for your vote and support.